How to Select Medicines for Treating Acne

acn Are you looking for a medicine to solve the problem of acne? You should know how to select medicines for treating acne but you should also consult your doctor before choosing any medicine. In fact, you can ask your doctor to talk about the different medicines available today. You should find out the medicine that suits your condition.

Topical Treatment for Acne

There are two types of medication for treating acne. One type of medication is topical while the other form is oral treatment. Topical treatment is good for curing any kind of mild acne. To get rid of this problem, topical agents such as antibiotics as well as kerotolytics are quite helpful. Benzoyl peroxide is a kerotolytic that works very effectively since it does not lead to resistance to antibiotics.

Some common types of antibiotics that are used for treating acne are clindamycin and tetracycline. These help in killing bacteria and lessening inflammation. You have to apply either of these antibiotics, about two times a day to get clear and blemish-free skin.

Using Over the Counter Lotions

Certain over the counter lotions as well as gels that contain salicylic acid, sulfur, lactic acid, or resorcinol as one of the active ingredients are helpful and gentle. In case these topical treatments don’t seem to work then you can use topical gels, which contain some retinoid-like agents or retinoids like adapalene or tretinoin. Such products have vitamin A derivatives and work on your skin by taking away the dead cells and thus, they prevent blocked pores.

How to Treat Persistent Acne

In order to treat stubborn acne you can opt for oral treatment. Oral acne medication is excellent when topical medicines do not offer good relief from the problem. A medicine like Isotretinoin is quite successful in treating deep cysts. However, while taking this medicine you should visit your doctor frequently, as it can cause some side effects.


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