How to select footwear

cfw Shoes help in complementing your dress and add to your total personality.  Matching and trendy shoes with the selected dress will add grace to your dress and will improve your overall appearance.  Shoes also add style and fashion.

The choice of the shoes will depend upon the kind of work for which you are buying the shoe.  If you are sports person or need shoes for playing or working out, then a good quality sports shoe will be the ideal choice.  It should have enough padding to support your feet and heels, so that your feet do not experience a jolting sensation when you jump or run.

Avoid wearing open sandals or flip-flops for sports.  They do not offer support to the feet.  The leg may get strained or muscles may get cramped if the choice of shoe for sports is not correct.

Also while choosing your shoes for workplace, keep in the mind the kind of work you do.  If you have to be moving most of times and are not seated at your place, then you need to take shoes that will help in free movement.  In such cases, you may avoid choosing high heeled, delicate shoes, since they will not support your feet well.  It can also cause twist, muscle pull or backache.

Rather good quality, study sandals or covered shoes without high heels will help you.  Such shoes are also comfortable while travelling enroute to your workplace.  Travelling in crowded buses or trains, where you do not even find place to sit, may make standing difficult, if you have pointed, high-heeled shoes.

Comfort is also an important factor for deciding right shoes.  Do not buy shoes that look good, but you do not feel comfortable wearing.  Try on the shoes before you buy it.  Go personally to buy your footwear.  Do not rely on others to do it for you.

Choose the size that fits you perfectly.


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