How to select curtains for your home

curtain1 Curtains add a feeling of privacy to the house.  Curtains are used in all rooms to cover the windows when necessary.  Drapes make the room secured, private and give a sense of security and comfort.  Apart from this role, curtains also help in adjusting the light.  For example, we pull over the drapes when the sunlight is very strong and penetrates into the room. 

Without drapes, the windows would bear a vacant and incomplete appearance.  Drapes spice up the blank and vacant space on the windows.  It adds to the wholeness of the room and can change the feel of the room with the kind of material and style you choose.

While choosing drapes, measurements are very important.  Get the correct measurement (both length and width) of all the windows.  Decide if you want the curtain to be very long or will it suffice to just cover the windows.  Use help of professionals selling and tailoring curtains and take their advice on the length.

Decide on the style of drapes you want to use.  The style of curtain should match the style and design of your house.  If your house is simple, you can buy plain curtains.  A fancy curtain in a simple house may appear odd and unbalanced.  If your house is very spacious and designed well, you may use fancy curtains with folds and glamorous style.

Also choose the material of the curtain carefully.  Dust and dirt from the polluted air gets settled in drapes.  Drapes need washing periodically so that the dust and dirt can be removed.  The drapes can also show discolouration of yellow, brown or black colour if they are of light colours.  Therefore choose a material that can be washed easily.

Choose colours that compliment the colour of the walls in each room.

You can also choose the designs or print you want on the drapes of each room, like floral patterns, stripes, wavy designs, cartoon characters etc.


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