How to See Your Guardian Angel

Do you want to meet or see your guardian angel? Well, if you are ready to experience this magnificent spiritual moment, then follow the useful points below.

Tips on how to see your guardian angel:

1. Look for a quiet place in your home and retire there. Put behind all concerns and worries of your mind and relax.

2. Before setting out, you need to contact your Spirit. Speak to the Spirit and say you want to see your guardian angel. Ask for its blessings and get started.

3. Imagine a warm celestial white light flowing through your body. The flow of this light would start from your toes and gradually reach the upper most part of your body that is head. After reaching your head, the light would establish a connection between your head and heavens. Slowly, you will feel the divine love flowing in your body starting from head to toe and uniting you with the Spirit.

4. Now, you are completely away from the mundane concerns and cares and surrounded with the love of your god’s angels. When you feel this, try to imagine of taking a stroll on the beautiful and serene sandy beach. Feel the touch of cool breeze and soak in the fresh fragrance of the ocean. Listen to the waves washing softly against the shore.

5. Next, imagine that you are walking slowly on the beach to reach a white cottage. As you walk towards the cottage, you sense the love of your guardian angel flowing in your heart and soul. It is a feeling of heavenly love and you know when you would finally reach the cottage, you can see your angel waiting for you.

6. A feeling of extreme joy and elation will accompany you on your walk to the cottage. Finally you would open the door and find your god’s angel waiting there for you. No words will occur. After a moment, your angel will talk to you. This will be a very different kind of conversation that you will have with your guardian angel. This conversation will take you on a spiritual journey. All you need at this moment is ask your angel for her help and guidance.

7. At the end, you should thank your god’s angel for the guidance and support it has given to you. Walk back to your home from the cottage and the sandy beach with the feeling of an excitement of meeting your angel. When you are back, do express your thanks once again to the Spirit for such a magnificent experience.


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