How to Search Easily with Google

gol Google is one of the leading searching engines available on the web. It helps every person, who is net savvy, to search for anything on the web. It also helps businesses to find lot of information required to run their day-to-day business.

How to use Google for Business

Businesses require lot of information say from procurement of components to gathering specification sheets about various components for the new and old designs. The companies can find similar products launched in the recent past. The firms can identify its competitors using google search.

How to use Google for studies

Students require lot of information for their studies. They can use google to search the web for relevant information. An engineering student can search the web for details about ICs, Eprom programmers, latest trends and developments in the relevant field.

How to use Google for Children

Children can search games in the web and download for entertainment purpose.

How to use Google for others

Salaried people can search the web to download Income tax returns forms. Students can search the web for examination results. They can buy books on the web.

You can utilize google for all these jobs. You should know how to search the web to get correct information. Google uses advanced search algorithms.

Double click the Internet Explorer icon on the desktop. Alternatively you can click on the Internet explorer icon on the task bar. Type in the address field of the Internet Explorer and click on “go” icon. You will see an empty box below the Google India.

Type the relevant word or phrase in the search box above the Google Search button. Then click on google search button. You should see number of links on the web page. Choose the appropriate link and click on it. You will get the necessary information. If you need more details follow the instructions displayed on the screen.

You need to follow some steps to get specific information.

Type “River” in the google search engine. It displays several links that consist of river keyword. If you type Godavari River, then it searches all the webpages that consist of Words River as well as Godavari. Google returns results about river and Godavari.

If you want to know details only about Godavari River, then type the whole phrase in double quotes. The search engine displays information about Godavari River only.

You can add OR (|) between the words if any of the words is acceptable.

Add plus (+) sign before the word if that word is very important. The search engine would give importance to that word. If you do not want information about a particular word in your search, then add negative (-) sign before that word.

You can enter words either in upper or lower case in the search box. Google will return appropriate results irrespective of the case.

You can add the following keywords in your search with google:

Intitle, allintitle, Inurl, Allinurl, Intext, Allintext etc.

If you use intitle, your search will be limited to words in the title of the web page.


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