How to Save your Hair from Damage

shr Every day you curl, blow dry or scrunch your hair in order to look cool. However, the result of all the chemicals and heat can make your hair fall or break. With each passing the day, the problem of hair breakage tends to get worse.

You can suffer from a problem of serious hair fall if you blindly follow fashion trends and keep styling your hair in the wrong manner. If your heart breaks every time you find your hair breaking then you should find out how to save your hair from damage.

Cut the Heat

Learn about the mistakes that people make while styling their hair and try to avoid them at all costs. One big blunder is overheating your hair. According to dermatologists, when you expose your hair to extremely high heat, the cuticle of your hair gets damaged and the frail filaments get exposed. In the absence of cuticle your hair can easily break. When the cuticle is damaged, your hair loses  shine and smoothness.

The Solution

What you should do is avoid blow drying your hair when it is dripping wet. First of all rinse your hair, squeeze out the excess water with an absorbent towel, and then blow-dry. Use a good leave-in conditioner before blow-drying. First you should set the heat to medium and then direct the flow of air to the hair strand from top to bottom. The cells of the protective cuticles are arranged in this direction. If you use the blow dryer in all directions then you will have rough and frizzy hair. When your hair is nearly dry, you should switch off the dryer. You can then use a hair brush to style your hair as want to.

Avoid Flat Irons

Those who have curly hair should avoid using flat or curling irons more than one time in a week. Stay away from these heating tools just after spa or color treatments. However, you should use a good heat protector spray, if you still need to style your hair.


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