How to Save Gas

gass Quite often we waste gas while driving a car. But it is important to save this fuel not only because this is the difficult recession time but also because it helps in protecting the environment.  So, you may choose your pocket rather than the environment but the solution would be the same, lessening the use of gas. This article is intended to tell car owners how they can save gas without sacrificing a car ride.

Keeping Engine on for Long Time

This is one basic step that you should keep in mind. Don’t keep your engine switched on for a long time. Some people keep on waiting after starting the car, this again wastes a lot of gas. Start the car once everyone has boarded it. If you are stuck in a traffic jam or in a red light then make sure that your engine is turned off. This will save a lot of gas.

Unnecessary Revving Up

If you want to save on gas then don’t rev your engine to show off. Remember, to you it might seem like a game but in reality it will empty your fuel tank faster. People should also stop revving the engine before turning it off.


Follow some rules of acceleration to save more gas. If your car is in a stationary position then don’t pick up too much speed immediately. Start the car and then slowly increase the speed.

Time to Buy Gas

This point may surprise you but there is an ideal time for buying gas. It is better to buy gas as early in the morning as possible. The cool morning temperature makes the gas denser and would save you money. Later once the weather gets warmer your petrol will expand. In short you will get more petrol.

Brand of Gas

The brand of gas also plays a vital role because gas of a good brand will guarantee you good quality. They might cost you more but in the long run will benefit you a lot.

A Steady Speed

Take care of your car speed while driving. Don’t slow down and speed up too frequently. If you can maintain a fixed speed then you will save a lot of gas.

Maintenance of the Car

A lot of your gas saving will depend on the overall condition of your car. If possible do a check up of car parts like wheels, axis, chassis, and springs. Any damage in any of these will definitely affect the service quality of your engine. You should also keep the car clean of any icicles. You should also check you tires and make sure that they are inflated to their full capacity.

Fewer Burdens

Make sure that your engine is not feeling too much load due to the installation of heating fans. The same goes true about your car. You must not carry anything unnecessary. Extra load on your car will mean that it will run slower than its capacity and use more gas.

Use Other Means of Transportation

It is a good idea to use other mode of transportation once a while. This will give your car a much-deserved rest. Try to use public transports like train, bus or cab services.

Early Planning

In case you need to do various outdoor chores then try to complete them at one go before you garage your car. This will help you save gas. However, if there might be occasion when you have to use your car for several trips but you can at least lessen the frequency.

We hope these guidelines will help you save some precious gas. Remember, this is a natural resource and is limited.


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