How to Save Energy

sen2 You must be aware that the whole world celebrated Earth hour on the 28th March (last Saturday of March). It’s an initiative started in 2007 where some of the major cities of the world keep their all non-essential electric lights and other electric appliances switched off for an hour. This year some of the Indian cities were also part of this initiative.

Though quite late, the world has realized that if we want to stop our planet from getting converted into a hot furnace, where it’s impossible for any kind of life to sustain itself, we need to act Today- and hence such initiatives.

But we as individual, can’t we do something on our part to save energy? To stop or at least slow down the monster called – Global warming. Here are some simple strategies/habits that we can inculcate in our daily lives to contribute to the energy saving:

1.   At home:

a)    Always switch off the lights and fans while leaving a room. Let’s get this programmed in your brain.

b)    Use air-conditioner when it’s absolutely necessary. Otherwise, wear light clothing and use fan. If you use A/C, close all the doors and windows.

c)    Cook at low heat whenever possible, this is a good cooking habit and also saves energy.

d)    Try using alternative sources of energy. You can buy a solar cooker and install it in your terrace where there is enough sunlight throughout the day. You can do the light cooking and boiling here. You will not only save LPG but also some money.

2.    At Office:

a)    Switch off your computer everyday before leaving office. This will give your machine a longer life and save immense energy.

b)    Whenever you leave a conference room after a meeting, take the initiative to switch off the lights, projector, A/C etc.

3.    Other Lifestyle Changes:

a)    Use car pooling if possible.

b)    Keep your car pollution free by doing pollution check at regular intervals.

c)    Turn the engine of you car off at all traffic signals.

d)    Walk or try using bicycles for commuting to nearby places. Cycling or walking is a great exercise and it also saves fuel.

e)    Recycle the plastic bags and bottles whenever possible. To be short, don’t waste things.

If we regularly follow the above tips, we can save a lot of energy everyday and hence make a difference. Let’s save our environment and make this earth a better place to live in – for us and for our future generations to come.


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