How to save electricity

electricity The demand for power and electricity is constantly rising.  The consumption of electricity is high especially during summer due to soaring temperature and humidity levels.  Power cuts become common during summer due to increased load.

To save electricity, we need to fall back on natural sources for our daily necessities.  Wind and light are the two most important natural and free sources we can use.  Use the natural lighting and wind rather than using tube lights or fan, whenever possible.  Keep the doors and windows open to allow flow of air.  Sit in a room/place that is airy and does not get direct sunlight.

Keep the room temperature normal by allowing cross ventilation and closing curtains or shades/blinds so that direct hot sunlight does not fall into the room.  Plant trees in your garden or plant saplings in your balcony for cooling and pleasant atmosphere.

Switch off the lights or fan when you move out of the room.  Many times, we forget to do so since we are preoccupied with other thoughts or due to hurry.  It leads to wastage of electricity until the time someone notices it and switches it off.

Do not put on the light unless absolutely necessary.  Instead of all family members sitting in different rooms and using light and fan individually, try to sit in the same room so that you can use the light and fan, and will also save power.

Avoid using bulbs as they consume more power.  Make use of technology and use power saving devices that come up in the market.  Using CFL is one such option.  You can also try using solar power for light and heating.  Take assistance of a professional electrician in installing solar power tapping devices.

Do not keep television or computer in the stand by mode, as the power usage still continues.  Do not open the refrigerator on and off, since it consumes more power to cool again after exposure to room temperature.


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