How to save an internet page or picture?

spi We browse hundreds of pages everyday on the internet. You may also go through whole lot of information in a day and want to save something you find informative and vital. There may be some commands or pages you might require in the future. In order to save those files and pages all you need to do is follow the simple process listed below and you will save the file or page automatically on your computer.


Step 1

When you need to save a page that is present on the internet then all you should do is to go to the menu bar of your sheet which lists various options like file, view, tools etc. among them you will then click on to the file option.

Step 2

After clicking on the file you will see a drop down option “save page as”, so now click on it. This will guide you to a dialogue box which will pop open you will get options to save your file on desktop, my computer, documents, my network places.

Step 3

Choose the place where you want to save your page in, and also give a suitable name to your page so that it is easier for you to locate it in future.

Step 4

If you want to save a picture or logo, then just Right click on the logo, you will see a drop down list of functions with one of the options as “save picture as” and “save page as”. This is a shortcut method to perform the same task.

Step 5

The first option lets you save the picture and the second option will save the entire page containing the picture. You can choose the options according to your need.

Bhrat Brij

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