How to save a file on computer?

savefile Saving a file on a computer is very easy process. We have different drives in computer. Some people; like to have 2 drives whereas most people prefer to have 4 drives in their computer. When you are working on a word pad or excel sheets you need to save the file before closing it otherwise all of your work will be deleted.


Step 1

Today different versions of MS office are available. If you are using 2003 or 2005 option then in order to save a file all you need to do is to go to the menu bar of the opened sheet.

Step 2

From the various options available such as ; file, view, tools etc, just click on to the file option and you will see a drop down list of functions,  among them an option called as the “save as”, will also be present. Just click on to it.

Step 3

A window will pop open for you when you click ‘Save As’, which will then guide you to the a dialogue box with the options to save your file on your desired or preferred location such as the desktop, my computer, documents, my network places, etc.

Step 4

Now all you got to do is to select the place or location where you want to save your file and press OK. Do not forget to give your file a name. The name should be such that you can locate and remember the content of the file once you see the name. It will also make it is easier for you to locate it in future.

Step 5

But just in case you are using a latest version like MS 2007 then you will see at the lop left corner of your Word pad there is a round icon, click on it and you will get various options. Select Save as option and save your file in the same way as told before.

Bhrat Brij

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