How to save a failed marriage

fail Marriage is the culmination of two souls madly in love. But when the relationship gets solemnized, why do all sorts of questions like why are you late? Who were you with? etc, which were never asked until now, become a regular in your conversation with your spouse? That’s when a dent occurs in your relationship with your better half. And when you realise that it’s getting severe, try resolving it rather than aggravating it. Just relax and let us help you out in this troublesome situation.

Keys to salvage your marriage

It’s no rocket science to have a happy marriage. It’s all in you to explore ways in which you can keep your spouse pleased. Sometimes we ignore few minute things, which can do wonders in those days when your marriage is on the rocks. Try to communicate with your partner as much as possible. That doesn’t mean you have to follow him/her everywhere but whenever your partner is at home talk to him/her. Your communication channels should always be open so that no third party secures a place in your married life.

Coming to third party, just don’t ever let any one else other than you to do the talking when you and your spouse have a major fight. Quite often than now, these people are fiercely biased. If you can fight with your partner on your own, you can also patch up with him on your own. Avoid the help of your friends or family.

Don’t think you are superior to your spouse and don’t blame him/her every time you two freak out at each other. Marriage is a two-way commitment and both of you are responsible for everything it goes through. Try sorting out any such issues amicable. Be a bit understanding and you can see a marked difference.

Respect is a must in any relationship. Don’t ever belittle your partner. Even if he/ she is not perfect as you might want to, try encouraging them rather than demeaning them. Getting insulted by one’s own spouse is the biggest blow to anyone’s pride and this will scar your relationship forever. So avoid such insinuations if you seriously want to make your marriage work.

Go out with your partner on dates. Marriage doesn’t end the courting experiences you had earlier. Sometimes go with him for his favourite game he plays even if you despise it, or go shopping with your wife even if it’s burning a hole in your pocket, or go out for movies. Do things together. Sometimes it’s advisable to do a few things just for the heck of it because it makes your partner happy as that’s what you want, isn’t it?

A quintessential suggestion

Let each other breathe in the relationship. Don’t try to govern each other’s life. Let your partner do what he/she wants. You two share each other’s life not rule them. Don’t keep remembering your spouse that he/she is married and they have to change their lifestyle completely. This will make you alien to your own partner whom you had courted for two years before getting hitched. And then comes the obvious and earth-shattering statement, “You have changed after marriage.” So let each other loose a bit and in return, you will earn a lot of respect from your partner.

A perfect funda for saving a marriage is: Live and let live. Just try out these few steps in gaining your place back in his/her heart. And remember love can heal any wound, even a failed marriage. So take the first step and stop waiting for your partner to begin, as he/she will eventually.


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