How to safeguard yourself from heat stroke

stroke2 Come summer and your body begins to suffer with the onslaught of excessive heat. You need to cool off your body from time to time. For this, you must drink water and other fluids at very frequent intervals. The body needs to lose the heat it has accumulated fast enough; otherwise, there are chances of heat exhaustion, or worse, of suffering from a heat stroke.

There are two main reasons why heat stroke can occur. One of the main reasons is prolonged exposure to strong, direct sunlight. People who are out in the sun for long hours, without adequate protection like a hat or an umbrella, may not just realize when their body loses the ability to give away excess heat.

In such cases, the body temperature suddenly goes up (as high as 106 F) and this situation may become fatal. Such persons need to be immediately cooled off, given water to drink and rushed to a hospital. Laborers on construction sites, the elderly and those with a history of health condition like heart attacks are the most susceptible to heat strokes.

These people need to take care that they take short breaks when out in the sun to cool off. They also must keep a water bottle or a packet of electrolytes ready with them for emergency situations.

The other possible reason for a heat stroke is that the body has lost the required amount of water content. In such a situation, the body cannot get rid of the excess heat by sweating off. So, the temperature of the body rises suddenly, causing a heat stroke. It is therefore advisable to drink a lot of fresh fruit juices in summers.

It is always a good idea to keep a bottle of water handy. One must drink at least a glass of water every hour to make sure that the body doesn’t get dehydrated.


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