How to safeguard your website from fraudsters?

ccr No doubt internet has simplified the whole aspect of buying and selling on line nevertheless it suffers from one major drawback i.e. authenticity of the purchaser as well the buyer. Each year thousands of consumers are ripped of their credit card balances with no trace of the culprit in sight.

With the rising trend of internet fraud, consumers are the worst affected. They lose trust and become apprehensive. Online businesses need to regain this trust to sustain e-commerce. On way to go about it is to install protective software that safeguards the information given by customers.


Step1: Include a security statement highlighting the measures taken by your firm to ensure the confidential information given by the consumers. Lay down stringent purchase or selling policy to keep hackers at bay and give access to genuine potential customers.

Step2: Make registration compulsory for all users. This will maintain a database of unique identification numbers and passwords of users. Such measures can curb hacking to a great extent. Customers will also be at ease as they can access their account using these ID numbers and distinct passwords.

Step3: Install a reliable verification system to cross user identity. There are ample security systems available in the market, choose the one that is most suitable for your business.

Step4: Configure a good payment service like CyberCash. Such services can be easily set up in collaboration with reputed banks. This secures your website and makes purchase and selling more trustworthy.

Step5: Provide other alternatives to online deals. Give contact numbers, mail address or forms to facilitate offline purchases.

Step6: Seek assistance and advice from competent cyber crime protection agencies or business bureaus to have a better insight of aspects lacking in your current website. These authorities have standardized security parameters to prevent online crimes. Once you have upgraded your website as per their standards, you can proceed to add their credentials to make the consumer feel more secure and relaxed.

Bhrat Brij

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