How to sack employees?

sack Sacking of an employee is undeniably the worst part of any responsible human resource manager. There may be plenty of reasons that could trigger such unfavorable situation such as non performance, take over, amalgamation or cost cutting. It is a dirty job yet someone has to handle it as professionally as possible.

Observe the facts and figures and try to bridge the gap between undesirable trait and the actual behavior.

Employees are the most crucial factors of an enterprise yet the circumstances may demand removal of employees to keep the business profitably viable.

The following are some instructions that can help you cope up with the dismissal process:

Step 1 – Make a list of the problems as and when they occur. Seek explanations from respective employees for the deviations. The process involves comparing the actual performance against quality and quantity matrices and probing into the causes for such deviations over the period of time such as weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Step 2 – Meet up with the employee and try to work out a feasible solution to resolve the issue. Give reasonable time to foster improvement. If the problems still persists, be upfront and state the adverse consequences calling for dismissal or removal.

Step 3 – Go through the company’s policy and procedures for firing of employees. Check the employment contract to avoid any loop hole which could lead to filing of legal suit by an employee.

Step 4 – Break the ice to begin with the dismissal procedure. Include a statement citing reasons for the dismissal or damages to be compensated for by the employee.

Step 5 – Call for a final word with the employee and let him know of your decision. Collect the official IDs, keys and other official property in his possession. Clear the dues by way of check after taking the signature of the employee on the termination letter in the presence of a witness.

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