How To Run a Marathon

mara A marathon is long distance running which requires stamina, focus, and excellent fitness. Running a marathon requires years of practice. It cannot be achieved overnight. The marathon-ready fitness comes with regular conditioning of the body to increase its endurance and tolerance power.

It is also about maintaining an optimal body weight at all times. Marathons are also used as events to promote awareness of a cause, campaign or a social initiative. Many people desire to take part in these competitions but stop themselves from participating, citing fitness issues, fear of extreme exhaustion etc.

Even if they do participate, they run out of energy in a very short time, or fail to make a minimum distance. This arises from a lack of awareness of fitness, dietary, and organizational strategies when running a marathon. The following guidelines will elucidate on the proper approach to be adopted when preparing for a marathon.

– Eat well and sleep well weeks before a marathon. Your diet should be balanced. Include plenty of carbohydrates, iron, calcium, and protein in your diet. Avoid fast food or junk food. Your body should be well nourished and in peak form.

– Totally abstain from alcohol. Alcohol will not help you build your stamina rather it will reduce it.

– Start of with a jogging routine every morning. Jog briskly. Try to get your lungs to operate at full capacity. Do breathing exercises everyday Try not to get yourself injured.

– When you are at the marathon, make sure to have some electrolytes, fruit drinks, sports drinks etc. You can also carry bananas.

– Find out the number of stop-stations. Plan your water consumption around it. If it is an unofficial marathon, then don’t over exert yourself if you can’t run further. Try walking for some time before resuming to run again.

– When running breathe in a rhythmic manner. Breathe in, run, breathe out, run. Try to follow this procedure. Try to absorb yourself with the scenery or views around you. This will prevent you from feeling the tiredness build up in your body.

– Try to set a reference point on a running strip, like a marathon-patrol car, or a fellow runner. This will keep you alert and aware of your running pattern.


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