How To Ride A Horse

horse Horses have been used as a means of transport from time immemorial. They are also an excellent means for a rejuvenating ride. It is truly a wonderful experience riding a horse. As the horse gallops, the rider can sense the mechanics of motion radiating through his body. Riding a horse is an art. It takes considerable riding hours to master the nuances of horse riding. Here’s how to get started.

– To mount a horse, stand at its left side. Don’t place your hands on the saddle when climbing up. Place your legs into the footrest, and hold the front of the horse, while at the same time lifting yourself up and sitting on the horse.

– Buy a saddle with footrests that you can comfortably place your legs in when in a sitting position.

– Make the horse move, by gently using your calves to press the sides of the horse. If it still does not move, slap your legs against the sides of the horse to urge it to move. Remember that if you slap hard, the horse can take off, so always concentrate of applying the right pressure. When the horse moves you can hear its hooves knocking the ground in a four beat step.

– Maintain an upright body posture when sitting atop a moving horse.

– Most English horse riding does not rely on reins to control the horse unlike western horses. You have to find out if the horse can be controlled with the reins. To make the horse go left, tug (don’t pull hard) at the left rein and vice versa. To stop the horse, pull both the reins backward uniformly.

– When you are riding an English horse, you must use your left leg to apply pressure on the horse’s left side for it to go left, and use the right leg for it to go right.

– When the horse starts to run, it generally does it in a two beat step. When the horse is moving do not lost your cool, and start yanking at the reins. Hold the reins lightly.

– When you want the horse to stop, do it like you stop your vehicle, by gently pulling back the reins uniformly, or pressing the sides of the horse with your legs.


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