How to Retain the Warmth of Your Sex Life

sex Sex is hot and spicy. It is not only a natural act, but is also a source of entertainment for human beings. However, it can also become boring and dull, if you both don’t give much effort. Yes! You must put the effort to retain the warmth of your sex life.

In the beginning of a relationship, every couple enjoys the sex life with much vigor and enthusiasm. But, as the time passes, it gradually becomes faded and dull. You must not face that too. To make your love life and sex life more colorful and entertaining, you must put a little more effort. Here are some secret tips that will help you retain the warmth of your sex life.

Sharing your thoughts and feeling about sex with your partner is the most important part of the story. You should never hide your emotions and feelings from your loved one as sex is never entertaining if not communicated well. When you both share your liking and disliking about sex you both will be free and comfortable to each other.

Sudden sex without any preparation is sometimes very exciting and can add up extra spice to your sex life. When at home during holidays, approach your partner with sudden hints and attempts.

Sometimes, give your partner sexual surprises. Wear sexy and tempting dresses and give expressions that can seduce your partner in an instant. It will bring the right mood of your partner and yours too.

Don’t be so casual before your partner all the time. Maintain a little secrecy between you two. It spices up the romance and sex life between couples. There always must be a treasure hunt.

Foreplay plays a vital role in spicing up your sex life. Having sex is not a simple act, it is an art. Invent new ways to have sex with your partner and concentrate more on foreplay.

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