How to resist the temptation to eat sweets

sweets2 The urge to eat sweets can be overpowering.  It could be because they are tasty, or you have eaten a spicy food and feel like eating something sweet.  It could be a reaction to stress, frustration, exhaustion or boredom.  Craving to eat sweets, especially when you are on a diet can disrupt your diet programme and can cause guilt and frustration. 

To resist the temptation to eat sweets, do not buy sweets, unless there is an occasion or celebration.  Buy in limited quantity, so that extra sweets are not left, and you are not compelled to eat it.

By watching sweets or by seeing someone devouring sweets, you may feel tempted to eat it.  Avoid watching cookery shows that show how to cook sweets, cakes, chocolates etc.  Excuse yourself for a moment when people around you are eating sweets or eat a small bite and stop.

Keep fruits handy.  Whenever you get the feeling to eat sweet, you could eat apple, pineapple, watermelon, strawberries or banana as they contain natural sweetness and may help in reducing the urge to eat sweet.  However, guard against excessive consumption of fruits too.

Do not totally abstain from sweets.  Complete withdrawal may also cause temptation to eat excessively after a point of time.  Use sugar for your tea or coffee or use sugar free products.  The body also needs essential sugars, so avoid complete abstinence.  You could drink glucose based energy drinks or fresh fruit juice containing natural sugar.

When you feel like eating sweets, threaten yourself with the consequence of eating it.  Close your eyes, and repeat ‘ I will not eat sweets’, ‘ there is no temptation’, ‘I will control myself’, ‘I will gain weight if I eat sweets’, ‘my diet programme will fail’ etc.  Remind yourself of the guilt or disappointment you will face if you give in to the temptation and eat sweets.

If possible, divert your mind or close your eyes and imagine that you are eating the sweet.  Think slowly, feel the delight of eating the sweet.  Imagine that you eat as much as you want till the point you no longer want to eat any extra piece of the sweet, and feel completely satisfied.


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