How to replace Laser printer cartridge?

lca Printers have become a must have equipment in every office. There are unlimited types of printers available in the market to suit every enterprise be it small, medium or large. Some compact models have reached our very own homes in no time.

With extensive usage, the cartridge is bound run out of ink in a short duration of time. One can easily install a new cartridge in place of the old one using a manual. There may be slight variations in the procedure depending on the model of the printer.

What if you do not have a manual? Nevertheless read the instructions given below and have a rough idea to go about it:

Step1 – Switch the printer off. This is essential to install the cartridge carefully.

Step2 – Lift the upper portion or open the front cover of the printer to locate the holders which encases the cartridges.

Step3 – Take out the old cartridges by pressing its handle down and removing it in your direction. This loosens the cartridge from the holder and you can easily pull it out. Be careful not to exert excessive pressure as it may break the cartridge.

Step 4 – Remove the new cartridge from the package and shake it gently in sideways.

Step 5 – Strip off the tape from the ink band situated at the bottom of the cartridge.

Step 6 – Place this cartridge in the same spot but with a different strategy. You have to push it in the downward towards inside. Once the cartridge is in place, press the handle. You would hear a crisp click sound.

Step7 – Save the old cartridges as they can be refilled or recycled.

Step8 – Shut the cover of the printer and switch it on.

Step 9 – Place the paper in the paper tray and take a print out.

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