How to repair fatigued skin

fatigued The new-age woman is not restricted in the realms of cooking and house-keeping. She has stepped out and fends out for herself. In the richly competitive world, she has carved a niche for herself by proving to be efficient, professional and smart.

The fairer-sex is no longer considered to be unable to do a certain things and women’s lib has indeed taken a leap. But with all this competition and a constant battle to keep up her professional career, many a women do not get enough time to look after their skin.

They often end up neglecting their beauty regime, and very soon, face signs of early ageing, blotches on the face and an uneven skin tone. Hectic lifestyles combined with increased dependence on alcohol and smoking also leads to such skin problems. Here’s how women can repair fatigued skin.

Inconsistent sleeping patterns, undisciplined diet, constant exposure to air conditioners, pollution and lack of exercise are also some major reasons that lead to skin problems. To repair skin fatigue, the signs of which are an uneven skin tone, blotches and often light, premature wrinkles, you must take professional help.

A dermatologist will suggest some medicines that accentuate certain chemicals to work in your favor. Moreover, use of natural herbal creams can also decrease the skins of skin fatigue. Wash your face regularly and use natural face packs made out of honey, lemon, etc. You can also use rose water to make your skin look fresh.

Always wash your face and remove all the make-up before you retire for bed. Moreover, always use a night moisturizing cream. Take extra vitamin supplements as with age, the skin needs more aids to keep up with its optimum functioning and supple looks. With good habits, followed over a period of time, even fatigued skin can be rejuvenated.


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