How to Remove Your Makeup

remove It is necessary to apply makeup on your face to look more beautiful and stylish. Makeup is used to increase your grace and also to hide the negative points of your looks. However, removing the makeup from your face is equally important and also hygienic. If you don’t remove your makeup carefully, there can be skin irritation other skin problems.

You should always remove the makeup very carefully to keep your skin clean and healthy. Here are some very helpful tips for removing makeup from your face. Check them out and keep your skin soft and clean.

1. Wash your face with water first after coming from a party. Take some amount of lukewarm water and wash your face with that. Rub your face with a wet cotton ball and remove the makeup slowly.

2. You can use baby oil to remove the makeup from your face. Baby oil is very good for your skin it can remove all the dirt very easily from skin. Take a cotton ball and dip it in the baby oil and rub it slowly on your face to remove the makeup. Olive oil or coconut oil can also be used instead of baby oil.

3. While removing mascara from your eyes, you can use baby shampoo. Yes! It is a very good cleanser, especially for eye makeup. Wet a cotton ball with baby shampoo and lightly rub it on your eye lashes to remove the mascara totally from your eye without harming your eyes.

4. You must use mild makeup removers which are not chemically rich. Chemicals and dies can harm your skin and create irritations.

5. You should never rub your eyes to remove eye makeup. Don’t ever be harsh with your skin. Be patient and take your time to clean you face and eyes.First wet the eyes and then apply the cleanser.


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