How to Remove Shoe Bites

When you wear a new dress, your friends give you new pinch. Just like that when you wear new shoes, the shoe itself give you shoe bites. However, shoe bites cause more pain as they stay longer on your feet making them look odd. Shoe bites not only appear when it’s a new shoe, but they may also appear in case of old shoes. Especially if the shoe doesn’t fit you well or is hard, you can get shoe bites on your feet. Shoe bites may take long times to vanish or fade. However, follow the tips below to remove your shoe bites and have lovely clean feet.

While buying a new pair of shoes, you must check whether they are fitting your feet well or not. Wear them in the shop itself and test them walking a little. If you see you are not feeling comfortable wearing them, reject the shoes and try another pair. Also go for soft shoes so that they don’t give you shoe bites.

Before you wear shoes, apply moisturizer on your feet. It will keep your feet moistened throughout the day and will protect from shoe bites. Not only before wearing shoes, but also before you go to sleep at night, make sure you apply foot cream or moisturizer on your feet. It will let your feet dry and crack.

Regular pedicure is also very healthy for your feet. Pedicure will keep your feet fit and healthy, by keeping them clean and in proper shape. The foot massage during pedicure is also very good for the feet. It tightens the cells of your feet making them shine.

You can rub lemon on the shoe bites on your feet. Lemon is very helpful in removing marks from the skin. Take a small piece of lemon and rub it for sometimes on the scars. Then wash off with cold water. Apply this process for at least 1 week to get a good result.


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