How to Remove Lip Makeup

lipmakeup The influence of the glamour world on the life of common people is becoming stronger day by day. Women of these days can’t even imagine a day without applying makeup before they step out from home. Makeup plays a crucial role in making you more beautiful and gorgeous. It helps you to hide the blemishes and many other imperfections in your face and skin.

However, removing the makeup is also very important as it can be harmful for your skin if applied for a long time. Lips are very sensitive and they have an important role to play in the eating process. If you don’t remove the makeup from your lips properly, that might enter your body with the food and harm your health. So you have to be very careful. Here are some very effective ways of removing makeup from your lips. Check these out.

1. You can use rose water to remove the lip makeup. Take a small piece of soft cotton cloth and dip it in rose water. Then rub the wet cotton ball on your lips gently. You will see that the makeup is coming out gradually.

2. Coconut oil or olive oil can also be used for this purpose. Dip a soft cotton ball into the oil and then rub it over your lips to take away the makeup. It really works and your lips don’t get hurt either. Don’t ever try to scrub your lips harshly with harsh clothes, as that can cause irritations and cuts in your lips.

3. Another way to remove makeup from your lips is to take a soft cotton ball dipped in milk (preferably raw) and rub it on your lips for sometime. The raw milk helps to soften your lips and also cleans it properly. Raw milk is also very effective in cleaning your face.


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