How to Remove Dark Blemishes on Skin

blemishes Blemishes and discoloration of skin is a common problem. There are many factors contributing to the dark spots or marks due to blemishes. It may include exposure to sun, age factor, or any other skin disease. However, there are some effective treatments and precautions to prevent and eliminate the blemishes.

You should wash your face with a selective cleanser to treat blemishes. A cleanser containing glycolic or salicylic acids gradually removes the outer, dead layer of skin and exposes the healthier skin beneath. In this way the blemishes gradually fades away with the shedding of the dark dead skin. It is healthy to exfoliate your skin once a week.

A mild exfoliating scrub should be applied once a week to remove dead cells and enhance air supply to generate new skin cells. Excessive exfoliating can aggravate the problem. Occasional exfoliating is good to breathe in the creams and moisturizers into the problem areas of skin.

It is effective to use a lightening cream to fight blemishes. There are many lightening and fade cream formulas easily accessible in the market. Choose skin lighteners that are made up of organic formulas. The lightener should be applied daily for best fading results.

The skin lighteners and creams should not be smeared all over. It will be simply wastage; moreover, you may end up lightening the surrounding skin, which eventually highlights the dark blemishes. So, always go for a targeted spot treatment. Lemon juice application is an effective remedy.

It has been used for ages, for skin and hair lightening. A lemon juice has a natural bleaching impact on the skin. Exposure to direct sunlight should be avoided after applying lemon juice to the skin. The real cause of blemishes on skin is the sun. So it is extremely important to use an effective sunscreen or cover areas that are exposed to sun for long.


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