How to Remove Blackheads

Though you clean your face very well and try to keep it away from any kind of marks and scars, the blackheads come back and reappear after a certain time. The blackheads are very prominent sometimes and look odd on your face. Whether you have oily skin or dry skin, it doesn’t matter and the blackheads keep coming on your nose. However there are ways to get rod of these blackheads and get a clear skin or a clear nose in fact. Check out the following tips, which are very useful and will help you deal with the smutty blackheads.

Take a pinch of salt and a few drops of oil (coconut or mustered will do). Mix them both and then rub this mixture on your nose. The salt will never dissolve in the oil and will act like a natural scrubber. Thus the rough mixture will help you get away from the blackheads. After rubbing it for sometimes on your nose, wash your skin and soak it with a wet cotton cloth. You will the immediate effect.

Scrubber is also a good way of getting rid of blackheads from your nose. You can use the products available in the market. First you need to wet your face and then apply the scrubber on your face and rub it gently for sometime. Then wash off your face with cold water and watch the glow. Scrubbing not only helps you to remove the blackheads bit also removes all the dead cells from your skin and make you look much fresher.

Nose strips can be used to remove the blackheads. You will get varieties of nose strips in the stores. Before sticking the nose strip of your nose, wet your nose and then pat it dry. Then stick it well n the surface of your nose and after that pull it off with force so that the nose strip pulls out all the blackheads from your nose.


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