How To Remove Blackheads Effectively

blackheads If you are suffering from blackheads, you know how difficult it is to get rid of those unsightly black spots on your nose, ears, chin and elsewhere. And the wost part is, these blackheads keep on coming however much you squeeze them or use pore cleansing strips to remove them. You are not the only one affected by this perennial problem. Many of us are actually looking for ways to get rid of these tiny monsters. Here come the best home remedies to remove blackheads effectively.

Most dermatologists would agree that squeezing the blackheads, using pore cleansing strips or blackhead dissolving solutions are not the best way of removing blackheads. Gentle removal of blackheads, can in fact help in reducing and preventing any further damage to your skin.  Our homemade tips will help do just that, leaving you with a blemsh free, soft and supple skin.

1. Always use oil free clansers to clean your face.

2. Avoid using too much of makeup or cosmetics on the skin.

3. Choose water based comsmetics for use.

4. Drink plenty of water, fresh fruit juices and fluids throughout the day.

5. Use face creams that contain Alpha Hydroxy Fruit Acids, which are known to have produced effective results for blackhead removal.

6. Opt for products wih Benozyl Peroxide and Salicylic acid, which are are good for blackheads treatment.

7. Apply a paste of oatmeal paste and lemon juice on blackhead affected areas. Wash it off with cold water after some time.

8. Take honey and mix it with the white of an egg. Apply the mixture on face and wash off after half an hour.

9. Make a natural scrub blending dead sea salt and baking soda with a little water. Apply on the affected areas. Rinse off with water.

10. Apply a mixture of glycerin, lime juice and almond oil and apply on blackheads. Wash off after some time.

11. Make a pack of fullers earth and rose water. Apply it on blackheads. Wash off when dried.

12. Use tea tree oil to open up clogged pores and remove blackheads.


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