How to Remember the Name of a Person

gth Sometimes it really becomes tough to remember a name of a person even just after being introduced to him. This is a common problem for many people. Remembering the names of persons is sometimes very necessary as it shows respect to the person.

When you address someone in a social occasion, it sounds good if you remember the name and call it. Not only in the social world, but also in the professional world, remembering a name is very important at times. Here are some really effective tips on how to remember the name of a person. Check out the details and start calling everyone by his/her name.

1. When you are introduced to someone, listen to the name carefully and read it in your mind. When the introduction is over, utter the name twice on your own. It really helps.

2. If the person is an important figure in your social or professional life, take the matter more seriously. Write down the name three times in your diary after the introduction. When you write down something, it is stored in your memory for a longer time.

3. If you forget the name just after being introduced, don’t hesitate to ask the person for his/her name once again. It’s better to ask the name twice rather than forgetting it.

4. Try to link the name of the person with some favorite word of yours. Making links and associations with names in such way really helps you to remember the names. Whenever you think about the word, you it will remind you about the name of the person.

5. If the spelling of the name is very difficult you are more likely to forget it. So it is better to ask the person about the spelling of the name. Then it will be easier for you to remember the name.


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