How to Remember the Dates of Special Occasions

hre Forgetting the birthdays and marriage anniversaries of near and dear ones is a very common disease of human beings. We sometimes forget the birthdays of our parents and spouses and sometimes the anniversary dates of our close relatives. We also face embarrassments for such forgetful nature.

People sometimes do mind become offended if you don’t remember these special dates. Close relatives and your loved ones might have expectations from you that you will take those events seriously and will never forget them.

However, due to various professional and personal hazards, we tend to forget some dates if not all. Here are some very useful tricks that will surely help you remember those special dates.

1. You can note down the special occasions along with their dates in your personal diary, so that you can check them whenever you wish. Maintaining  diary is really beneficial in such cases. However, if you don’t ever check the diary, it won’t help you. You must check it at least once in every month.

2. If maintaining a personal diary is not your hobby, you can take the help of mobile phone too. Technology has developed much and now-a-days you have the facility to set alarm on your mobile to remind you about the special occasions on the very day.

So, there is no chance of missing any single event. The mobile phone will give you an alarm at a fixed time you set on the mobile and you will know about the event.

3. Another interesting way to remember the special dates and special events is to make a list of such dates and take a print out of the page and stick it at your workplace. Then, you will see the dates and events everyday while working at your desk and will automatically remember them.


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