How to Relax During Exams

examm Exams are the monsters, which creep up at a time when our lives are having a smooth sail. You like it or hate it, you definitely can’t ignore it. And the stress that accompanies it, gets gruesome with the approach of the D-date. Chill guys and gals! You can beat the stress and emerge victorious in your fight with it, if you diligently follow a few tips in this regard. Just read along.

Studying for hours at a stretch not only stresses your body but your brain as well. At that time, you feel as if whatever you are reading is just slipping out of your head. Well! these are the indications that you need to kick the stress out. So close your book for a few minutes and take a deep breathe. Inhale and exhale for exactly one minute and you will feel the change immediately.

If your mom goes berserk at you for going for a game of soccer during exam time, trust me, you are doing the right thing by not listening to her. Exams don’t mean you have to be a bookworm. Take your time off from studying and do something, which excites you. It helps in relieving you off your tension for the paper the next day. And by the time you return back to your fat books on science or other subjects, you are all geared up to take care of it.

Laughter is also a good way to kick the stress out. If you don’t feel like laughing in such tenuous situation, watch some sitcoms or rent a DVD of comedy films which can tickle you to laugh hard. And then share it with your friend and both of you have a hearty laugh. It will help to de-stress you and you will feel good to start again.

Sleep enough the night before your exam so that when you are required to be agile, you don’t get fatigued. I’m talking about the examination hours. Get as much rest as possible the previous night. It’ll helps you relax and face the challenge the next day.

Try to be at the exam centre on time so that you don’t have to rush things up. You are already in a confused state with all those equations and formulae that you mugged the previous day. So chill and reach the centre before time so that you get acquainted with the surroundings.

It’s true that stress can’t be avoided during exams but you can at least see to it that it doesn’t spoil the hard work you have put in while studying. Stress to a certain level is fine as it keeps you going on, but too much of it is harmful. So keep yourself tension-free.


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