How to reduce your energy consumption

enengy With the rising global warming, people are becoming more concerned about saving energy. Wastage of electrical energy causes generation of more energy which contributes in global warming heavily. All over the world governments and international and various national bodies associated with environment control trying to make people aware about the fact of energy wastage and its effect on global warming. This article is made in the same line and idea is to optimize energy usage and reduction of wastage of energy.

Switch off the lights & fans when not in use

When you are not using a room or place, switch-off the lights and fans. In fact in your office also you should follow the same principal to save the environment. Also make your family members to follow the same.

Switch off the electronic gadgets when not in use

Electronic gadgets like Mobile chargers, Cord less chargers, Digital camera battery chargers etc. should be disconnected from plug when not in use. Computers should be shut down when not in use. Hibernate mode also consume some power. For television set and music system should be switched-off from main power source, not locally when you are not using them.

Try to use products which consume less energy than its alternatives

Now-a-days products with energy saving ratings are available in the market. Try to use those products which consume less energy. Like refrigerator, Geyser etc. are available in the market with star rating based on their energy consumption. Higher the star value, less is the energy consumption.
Try to avoid purchasing Plasma Television. It consumes more energy. In fact in Great Britain government banned selling Plasma Television.
Try to use CFL instead of high power consuming Incandescent bulbs.

Use high energy consuming devices effectively

High energy consuming devices like Geyser, air-conditioner, Refrigerator etc. should be used effectively. Like try to take-out and put in the foods from refrigerator at one go. As much time you open the door, you actually make the compressor to run more an in turn increase in energy consumption.
Try to set the air-conditioner temperature to a point which is comfortable to you as well as not over cool the environment. Also try to arrest all the leakages present in the air-conditioned room to reduce the heat loss and subsequent energy reduction.

These are very few of the various energy saving idea, there are lot many. Try to read more about this. These ideas are not only good for the environment, but also good for your pocket.


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