How to reduce water consumption

rwc The Earth is covered with 70 percent water, but we still need to reduce our water consumption! What an irony. Reducing water consumption has a lot of benefits.

It will help you alleviate your water bill costs and also the need to generate more water using other energy resources. If you reduce your water usage, you also reduce your energy consumption, and this in a way helps you to keep your carbon footprint low.

You can follow some tips  to reduce your water consumption in your home. Here’s how.

1) When washing, wash like a whale! Well if the former statement was a little confusing, let us explain. When you are washing your dishes, try to build-up a load, and then wash it in one go. This will reduce washing cycles and water usage.

Don’t run your tap constantly while washing dishes. Fill your sink once, and try to wash as much dishes as you can in one sink-fill. For washing your car, use the services of car-wash companies. They often use recycled water.

2) Don’t let em bleed! Fix your dripping taps and faucets if they are faulty. Whenever you visit them, they might just be dripping some droplets, but at the end of the day, they would have wasted two buckets of water.

3) Install aerators. Aerator is an apparatus that gives you a shower using less air. In other words, the spray air mixed with gases, thus increasing showering-span area. In indoor models, an aerator is fixed along with an exhaust to vent out the released air.

4) When you are watering your plants, do it early morning or late evening. Doing it at day may make the water evaporate due to the sun. You can also bathe your pets on your lawn.

5) You might do well to follow simple, but highly effective habits like turning of the tap while brushing teeth, shaving or bathing.

6) Harvest rainwater by installing a rainwater barrel or a mini dam-like water tank.


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