How to reduce open pores on face

pores Skin care is an important routine in the life of any woman. Women are constantly in search of new beauty aids and beauty tips to keep their skin glowing and fair. Many also resort to expensive cosmetic creams in the run to keep their face free of acne, tan or wrinkles. These days, many cosmetic surgeries are also available to treat certain problems like facial hair, reducing wrinkles, etc.

However, skin care becomes all the more crucial in the summer months. You observe that even costly cosmetics or a good application of make-up does not last long in the heat. Another major problem in summers is the open pores. Those who have the problem of open facial pores, find that the problem becomes aggravated in summers due to the excessive heat and sweat. As oil glands become very active in the summer, this problem becomes more pronounced.

There are some simple ways to keep the open pores in control. By regularly following these tips, the open pores can also be slowly reduced over a period of time. To tackle open pores, you can use ice cubes. Take a cube in a clean cotton cloth and rub it gently over the cheeks. Use of astringents can work well to temporarily close the pores.

For this, you can freeze tomato juice and rub these cubes on the cheeks. Conversely, you can simply rub a slice of tomato (or lemon) on your cheeks for a while. This will create a slightly burning sensation, but it is natural and no cause to worry.

Another way of minimizing open pores is to wash your face regularly with a good cleansing gel. If your skin is oily, make sure you use oil-control face washes. Make sure that you use moisturizers with a water base if your skin is oily. This will also keep your open pores under control.


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