How to reduce hair fall

hlo Loss of hair could be a result of improper diet, stress, exertion, improper handling of hair, faulty quality of hair products or hormonal changes, pregnancy, illness and use of birth control pills.

Due to hair loss the hair thins considerably and looks dull and unattractive.  There are few home remedies and precautions you can take to maintain your hair and prevent it from falling.  However, in some cases, hair fall may need medical attention and you may have to consult a dermatologist.

Follow healthy eating habits.  Hair also needs essential minerals and vitamins to grow and develop a good texture.  Eat food containing proteins like milk, milk products and eggs.

Include lots of green leafy vegetables in your diet.  Increase consumption of vitamin E and B6 as they aid growth of hair.

To prevent hair loss, munch on peanuts and cashewnuts.  Use beans, yogurt, honey, banana and spinach in your meals.  Limit the intake of alcohol or tobacco.  Avoid food containing salt, acid, preservatives and sugary items like sweets or chocolates.

Wash your hair regularly.  Bend your head and massage the scalp while washing.  It increases the blood circulation and helps in strengthening the roots.  Use shampoo depending upon the type of hair you have.  Use herbal, natural products rather than chemical ones.  Use the same shampoo, do not experiment frequently and try new brands that come up in the market.

Oil your hair 2-3 hours before wash.  Alternatively, you can oil the hair, keep it on overnight and wash it the next morning, so that the hair and scalp absorb the essential oils needed for growth and strengthening of roots.

Moisturize your hair after wash.  Use a conditioner or go for deep conditioning treatments twice a month.  Apply a gel to entangle the knots and them comb hair.  It will prevent breakage.  Avoid combing hair when it is wet.

If possible allow your hair to dry naturally.  Avoid blow dry treatment.  Limit the contact of hair with heat based products.  Do not curl, perm or straighten the hair frequently.  Use good quality products for colouring your hair.

Drink plenty of water.  Sleep well.  Practice yoga or meditation to control stress and tension.


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