How To Reduce Dark Circles

rd You definitely hate those dark circles shadowing your eyes. You don’t even have to apply any eye shadow because you already have black shadow on your eyes! Wake up and find out how to reduce dark circles instead of worrying and making the problem worse.

Change Your Lifestyle

Are you a late night movie buff or a hard core pub hopper? It is time to make certain changes in your lifestyle, no matter how busy and difficult it is. Early to bed and early to rise- follow this mantra if you want to look dewy fresh without those ugly under eye circles. Make this a regular habit. You should sleep for at least 8 hours every night because you need sufficient rest after a hard day’s work.

Say Goodbye To Worries

Stress is among the biggest causes of dark circles. Thus, forget all those work blues and read a funny book so that you can laugh away all your worries. You can also visit a health spa to relieve every tension from your body and life. Let happiness rule your life. Therefore do all those things that make you happy. Gossip, chat with friends, enjoy some great dinners, and do some therapeutic shopping.

Treat Allergies First

Do you suffer from sinusitis or seasonal allergies? They can be responsible for dark circles. Seek your doctor’s advice and don’t rub your eyes if they feel itchy. This can aggravate the dark circles.

Opt For A Better Diet

Make sure you are getting all the necessary nutrients from your diet. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables everyday. You can also take vitamin E supplements as they help in tackling dark circles.

Under Eye Creams

You can try using certain under-eye creams and gels that are enriched with retinol and Vitamin K. These active agents will lessen dark circles and reduce their occurrence. Be regular with this treatment if you want to enjoy the benefits.


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