How to reduce acidity

aciditi1 Acidity or heartburn is an uneasy condition to be in.  Acidity can be cured by making changes to our eating habits and lifestyle.  Follow a healthy fitness and dietary routine so that you remain free of acidity in the long run.  For immediate relief, you can use a few home-based remedies. 

Drink plenty of water, as it is a diluting agent and can reduce acidity.  It also flushes out toxins from the body.

During acidity, consume more of chilled drinks especially coconut water, chilled milk or buttermilk with a pinch of black pepper powder.  Avoid taking aerated or carbonated soft drinks.  Drinking coconut water every 3-4 hours can lessen the burning sensation.

Watch your diet.  Do not eat deep fried, oily, spicy food, and food containing salt, acid and preservatives.  Limit the consumption of citric fruits.  Eat raw vegetables like tomato or cucumber for faster relief and cooling effect.  Eating papaya and banana can also help.

A glass of cold milk can also be helpful.  For controlling acidity, you can drink a glass of fresh pineapple juice.  Avoid using packed or tinned juice.  It may not be as useful as the original freshly made juice.  You can also try a glass of fresh mint juice or lemon juice with little sugar.

Eating plain yogurt or yogurt mixed with chopped tomatoes, cucumber or onion can also have a cooling effect and reduce the burning sensation.

Chewing on basil leaves, mint leaves or gooseberry.  Sucking on cloves, eating jaggery or munching on almonds is also known to have positive effects.

Rest adequately.  Do not be under pressure or tension about work or any other commitments.  Avoid stress and anxiety.  Be calm.  Get a good sleep and relax.

If the condition persists, you may consider using acidity relieving tablets or syrup.  However, consult your family doctor before deciding.  Self-medication may be harmful.


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