How to recruit employees for your organization

reml Employees form a major component of a workplace.  An organization can exist, survive and make profits only if it has employees who have the right attitude, aptitude and interest. 

An organization cannot succeed if employees are disinterested, unenthusiastic and not hard working.  Recruitment of the right kind of employee is essential, so that the employee and the organization benefit from each other.

Recruitment procedures have to be designed in such a way that it tests the suitability of the prospective employee for the work that will be assigned to them.

The recruitment procedure should check the attitude and inclination, the strengths and weakness, aptitude for doing he job, general qualities like sincerity, loyalty, application of logic, and their oral and written communication skills.

You can make the recruitment procedure a phased process in which you will check the competency of the would-be employee.  Your first benchmark can be the qualification that the candidate must possess.  Then you can keep the percentage of marks obtained   and the age limit as a criteria.

Then you can hold a test, which will simulate the job responsibility that the employee will be expected to handle once he/she is selected.  This will help you to judge how well the candidate can convert learned theoretical knowledge to practice.

You can get an estimate of how the candidate will behave in certain situations and the initiative and effort the candidate will take in giving a successful end to the task given to him/her.

Then you can hold an interview with the candidate and get to know their interest and inclination in working with you.  Frame your questions in such a way that it will give you an idea of what the candidate is looking for, what are the expectations, how motivated he/she is to work with you, what are the future plans and aspirations, how long will they stick with your organization, salary expectations, compatibility with working hours etc.

With the tests and personal interaction you will develop a fair understanding of the candidate, and will be able to decide if he/she is competent enough, and is an eligible candidate for your organization.


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