How to recognize signs of sleeping disorder

sleepdisorder A person with sleeping disorder may show several external changes.  Changes in lifestyle and daily routine can also be an indication of the disorder.  Firstly, there will be a shift from the daily and normal sleeping pattern.  There could be either excessive sleeping, sleeping at odd hours or lack of sleep

There may be irregularity in the sleeping or waking time.  A person may find it difficult to fall asleep and also wake up on time.  A person may feel sleepy, but may lose sleep as soon as he/she lies down, and may just not sleep for another 1-2 hours.  There may be constant flow of thoughts, irritation and restlessness.

The person may go into deep sleep and may wake up suddenly or get very startled by lowest sound.  There may be a state of high alertness or tension.  The person may wake up several times at night.  Sometimes a reversal of sleeping schedule can be noted.

There may also be a condition of high alertness and fresh mind during night, and low energy and dullness in the morning.

A person may not feel refreshed after sleeping.  There may be inclination to sleep.  There may be feeling of tiredness, exhaustion, fatigue, weakness in the legs, and resistance to get out of the bed.  There may be restlessness, irritability, sudden mood swing, sudden emotional outburst or depressed, negative feeling.

Lack of concentration is also a common observation.  They may be physically present, but mentally in their own thoughts.  Such a person is likely to be pre-occupied with their own thoughts and may get agitated or irritated by any interference.  There may be signs of withdrawal and lack of communication, due to the dull and exhausted feeling.

The mind functioning also becomes slow.  The person may take comparatively more time to answer to a question.  The mind becomes dull and inactive.  There may be a tendency to settle for monotonous work, and revolt against anything challenging and new.


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