How to recognize signs of panic disorder

panic Panic disorder may be observed when a person is exposed to something he/she is very fearful of doing.  The panic may hit just before the event or long before the event since the thought of it may put pressure on the person and fill them with tension and anxiety. 

There causes may be a feeling of being out of control, helpless, hopeless, defeatist attitude, feeling of dread and so on.  There may be ventilation of various negative thoughts at this point of time.  The person may just give up.  There could be restlessness and impatience to get over the event that causes panic or a strong urge to just flee from the place.

A person with the disorder may display a high state of hyper activity, restlessness and agitated mood.  There may be high level of tension, rigidity of muscles, especially in the hands and facial region.  Many of them would keep their fist tightly closed.  There may be heightened state of alertness and vigilance, and feeling of dread.

The person may break into sweat or may experience sudden change in the body temperature.  The person may find the internal temperature to be hot and the hands and feet may feel chilly.  The face may appear flushed, pale and devoid of any colour.  There may be fidgeting movement or tendency to clutch something.

There may be a sudden feeling of weakness, light-headedness, shooting headache, or dizziness due to the intense fear.  The fear may be irrational or there may be fear of unknown, triggered by a feeling that something terrible is going to happen.

They may feel that the whole situation is unreal.  There may be sudden black out or disorientation.  They may feel completely detached and may feel outside their own body.

There may be increased rate of heartbeat and palpitation.  There may be pounding or thumping sensation in the heart.  There may be pain in stomach, shortness of breath, choking feeling, trembling of hands and feet, and overall discomfort.


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