How to recognize signs of heatstroke

heat There has been a tremendous rise in the temperatures in summer.  Exposure to harsh sunrays, dehydration due to loss of water, lack of essential salt and sugar, poor diet, lack of adequate rest and peace, and stress and strain can lead to heatstroke.  In order to prevent fatalities, we need to know the symptoms of heatstroke.  Taking precautious and providing timely assistance can help a person affected by heatstroke. 

Profuse sweating or sudden outbreak of sweat can be an indication of imminent heatstroke.  There can be sudden changes in the body temperature.  The palms may be sweaty, but may also have a chilled feeling.  The body temperature may also rise considerably.

There could be light-headedness or dizziness.  The person may be seen taking support of railing or holding the wall for support.  The feet may become wobbly and weak.  There may be feeling of loss of control, and feeling that they may buckle down any moment.

There may be a feeling of nausea or vomiting.  There could be a feeling of relief after vomiting.  Excessive thirst due to dryness of throat can also be observed.

The person may experience sudden blackout, and may lose orientation of time and place.  There could be an unreal or dreamy feeling about what is happening.  The person may feel disconnected with the surroundings, or with his/her body.  There may be a state of confusion, restlessness and agitation.  The person may also fall unconscious.

Appearance of the face changes.  There could be a bewildered expression or a blank appearance.  The skin loses colour and appears pale and flushed.

The pulse rate may be high.  There is increased heartbeat and palpitations.  Some of them may experience pain the chest or a constricted feeling.  Breathing also becomes heavy and slow.  The person may have to take deep breaths to calm down and deal with the agitation and restlessness.

Fatigue, weakness, exhaustion and muscle cramps can also be other symptoms.  Some people may experience a sudden shooting headache or a persistent dull ache.


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