How to recognize signs of burnout

burnout2 Burnout is a result of constant stress and pressures we undertake, and it may demotivate us from following our occupation fruitfully.  It also disturbs the emotional and physical well being, and lead to feelings of depression, dissatisfaction, self doubt and lack of self confidence.

It is necessary to recognize signs of burnout so that you can begin the reversing process and prevent serious consequences on your personal and professional life.

Burnout symptoms can be seen on the mind and body.  There is a general feeling of exhaustion and tiredness at any point of the day.  It may seem like a great effort to do the simplest of work.  There may be reluctance to step out of the house.  There may also be a tendency to skip work, or come late and leave early.

The level of involvement in work, commitment and motivation towards work may show a decline.  There may be a persistent dull mood or feeling of dragging thorough the day or irritation.  A person loses his/her cheerful and happy disposition, and may be dull, morose or complain about trivial things.

There could also be change in the appetite and sleeping pattern.  There could be a tendency to oversleep due to the tired and exhausted feeling or due to body pain, headache, and backache or feeling of weakness.  The appetite may increase due to more energy needed to function, when there is resistance of both mind and body to do a particular work.

Other signs may be social exclusion, isolation, emotional numbness, feeling of helplessness and pessimism.  A person may lose confidence and doubt his/her abilities.  The result would be poor esteem, venting negative thoughts about oneself, and having a defeatist approach.

There may be jumbling of thoughts, lack of enthusiasm, dull mood, feeling of inadequacy, sense of failure, guilt and lack of rational thinking.


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