How to recognize dyslexia in children

dy Dyslexia is a condition that causes difficulty for the child to read or learn. It affects all the key components of learning such as reading, writing and spelling. It can mitigate the child’s aptitude with numbers and make the child very poor at mathematics.

The dyslexic condition in kids may range from mild to severe. It is also found that dyslexia has a genetic angle to it. It occurs to a lot of members in some families. Dyslexia was identified in 1881. Before this hundreds of young children had gone through the education system under torturous dyslexic circumstances.

Dyslexia can give way to deep depression in kids, followed by hopelessness, anxiety, disillusionment and other emotional problems. They also become isolated from people. However, with recent advancements, a range of customized teaching methodologies has been identified to cater to dyslexic children.

How to recognize dyslexia in children

Before starting off, we have to factor out certain other non-dyslexic reasons for learning disabilities. These reasons can be related to eyesight problems and hearing problems. Sometimes kids run into bad health and take prolonged leave from school.

This can also create a catching-up problem.
If there is still a problem even with factoring out the above-mentioned problems, then the child may be dyslexic. Dyslexic children also have difficulty expressing their thoughts by putting them into words either on paper or orally.

The following are some general symptoms

1) Short attention span

2) Difficulty in remembering rhyming words like train and main or houseand mouse

3) Inability to club a word sound with the word

4) Mixing up words

5) Having difficulty in judging speed of incoming objects. For example, unable to catch a ball; catching too fast or catching too late

6) Careless and inattentive

7) Having difficulties in dressing up or tying shoe-laces

8) Getting confused with places

There’s definitely help for dyslexia. There are famous dyslexics like Tom Cruise, Thomas Edison or Muhammad Ali who conquered the world with their talent and perseverance.

Dyslexia needs special treatment. If you find your child is dyslexic, then contact your school administration; they will provide your child with teachers trained to teach dyslexics, or they could recommend special schools for this.


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