How to realize your potential

potential Many of us do not have a correct opinion of our capacity and potential.  Through our past experience we may know of our abilities and limitations.  After a point of time, we stick to those given set of abilities and limitations, and define ourselves around it.  We avoid taking risks to know what our potential really is and what more are we capable of achieving.

Knowing your potential, channelising it and utilizing it for good can make our life more meaningful and purposeful.  It also adds to satisfaction, and leads to higher levels of self-esteem and image.

To realize your potential, guard against complacency.  If you are self-satisfied and stop thinking of possibilities, you will restrict your growth and development.  Do not settle with your given set of qualities and skills.  To know if you have more qualities, you need to experiment and take risks.  Do not settle for a false sense of security and satisfaction, and stop yourself from achieving what you really can.

Overcoming fear is also essential to move ahead.  Fear of failure, ridicule or non-acceptance by others can also stop you from pursuing the goal or reaching the potential you see in yourself. Place yourself above the fear and acceptance of people, as it holds you back.  If you bog down in the face of fear or opposition, you may carry a sense of regret or non-fulfillment for the rest of your life.

Laziness or not wanting to take extra effort can be another deterrent.  Many of us have an idea of what we can accomplish, but do not want to take the effort and work hard to get what we think we are capable of getting.

For this, you need to discipline your mind and tell yourself that such escapist attitude will not take you anywhere.  Such an attitude will not only lead to non accomplishment of your potential, but will also hamper your progress and success wherever you go.  Hard work and effort is required whether you are to achieve your potential or even discharge your day-to-day work.


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