How to read good books

reads The more you read good books, the more you are exposed to different genres of writing. You also get an idea how the master writers make a just use of adjectives and similies to produce rich, fluid reading material. One must start reading good writers to get the true essence of literature. There are some classics that one must not miss reading.

In schools and colleges, teachers offer provide a comprehensive reading list to students. The students are advised to read at least a few important authors outside the purview of the syllabus for enhancing their knowledge. However, most students do not pay enough attention to such words of advice and end up reading only what is required to pass the test.

Reading must be pursued whole-heartedly because it is one hobby that gives your personality a definite edge over others. It develops you thinking power and introduces you to a variety of interesting subjects.

There are many online forums for book lovers. You can sign one such forum and get to know what are the good books that you must read. There are some sites that also offer a virtual shelf. On this virtual shelf, you can show off the books you are currently reading.

You can also borrow some books from your friends, if you find that a certain book that you have not yet read, is available with a friend. Thus, such sites stimulate a series of discussions and debates revolving around books and encourage people to read more.

Many online social-networking forums also have groups for book-lovers. There are many groups dedicated to famous authors. By signing up with such groups, you can get information about different authors, the genre they specialize in, their best-sellers, etc. You can also get feedback about books from such online groups.


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