How to read fast

fre Reading is one of the most productive hobbies. A person who reads a lot not only gets a lot of exposure with different modes of thought and ways of living, but he also gets to broaden his perspective. A well-read person is seldom dogmatic or narrow-minded. If read with good intention and an open mind, any person is opening for himself a treasure-trove of knowledge and wisdom.

There are so many good books that have flooded the market, that often, it becomes a great dilemma for a person to select what he wants to read. Moreover, certain people complain that however much they wish to start reading good books and develop it as a hobby; they are unable to go beyond the first few pages of a book, however good it may be.

Many persons, in spite of being avid readers themselves, rue that they cannot just read faster. On the other hand, people generally find it difficult to read books on topics that they are not quite familiar with.

However, reading is not always about getting your hands on the latest best-seller and you must also read some times as a part of your school syllabus, or for your research. In such cases, you do not have much choice and must complete reading the entire tome, even if you find it boring or difficult to read. It is at such times that a person needs to be patient. He must consciously try to increase his concentration and strive not to give up mid way. Here are some tips to increase your reading speed.

Do not read each word singularly. Instead, pass your eyes at a group of words at once. This way, train your eyes to acknowledge a group of words. Slowly, your mind will also be able to grasp the meaning just as fast. Other important thing is to strive to gather the essence of the writing rather than dwelling on each single word.


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