How to Quit Drinking Alcohol

A party never seems to be complete without a sip of drink. Some people have only a few sips and some people go on drinking and never seem to stop. However, controlling your drinking habit is a must, if you want to remain healthy and fit for a longer time. However, you have to be very strong willed to control your alcohol intake. The following tips can help you avoid that extra sip. So, go on and read them.

First, realize the fact you are yourself willing to quit drinking alcohol. You know that it is not at all good for your health and that’s why you want to get rid of this thing. Self realization is a big thing. It always inspires you to stick to your decision.

Initially, go slow and take easy steps like choosing certain dates in a week, not to smoke. Be very strict on those days and don’t touch the bottle. Gradually, this will become a habit and you will feel distracted from alcohol.

Reward yourself even on little successes. If you can avoid drinking alcohol on those cretin dates of the week, give some awards to yourself. Feel proud and stronger for the fact that could do it. Self inspiration is very much necessary, especially while pulling yourself away from something addictive.

Drinking more and more water also helps. When you will drink lots of water, it will never let you feel thirsty and you won’t drink. Water will flush away all the toxic elements from your body.

When you go to a party, never try to convince yourself that you don’t drink. Of course you will drink with friends, but you will remind yourself the limit. Drink fewer sips and concentrate more on the topics of discussions. Never go for an extra sip.


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