How to purchase fax machine?

fxx Fax machine is a necessity if one has a business scattered all over the place. It is the most convenient means to send and receive documents.

With the advent of the email facility in the internet, fax machines have lost their importance.

They are still preferred over postal mail as they save much time. Nevertheless, its utility cannot be undermined. Fax machines continue to dominate the area concerning the legal documents and confidential papers.

There are a lot of factors to be taken into account while deciding on a fax machine. Read ahead to know about these factors:

Step 1 – Chalk out the needs of your business or office. Once you have a brief idea about your priorities – quality of print, capacity of the fax machine, size of the machine, cost, performance, maintenance, user friendliness etc.

Step2 – Survey through the market. Match your priorities with features and characteristics of different types of fax machines available in the market. Go for an affordable facsimile that gives good image quality.

Step3 – Decide if there is need for colored or plain faxes in your office. Colored ones are quite costly and if you only deal with simple documents then go for the cheaper versions which give gray prints.

Step4 – Determine the functionality of the fax machine. You have the option of choosing integrated models having answering machines and /or dial up facility.

Step5 – compare the performance and capability of varied models in terms of paper feed, storage memory, and multiple faxes and so on.

Step6- Analyze some of the advanced features such as reduction/enlargement of print, shrink to specific paper size (in the case of letter heads).

Step7 – Make a budget taking into account the maintenance cost, paper and ink economy, sales contract etc.

Step 8- If your requirement is restricted to only sending faxes without the need for receiving any documents, fax modem is the best alternative.

Bhrat Brij

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