How to purchase a copier machine for personal use?

copm Photocopiers are important devices having much utility both in the office as well as your home. With so many state regulations governing the life of a modern day man, it becomes essential to comply with stature provisions to avoid unfavorable repercussions.

Be it income tax, home loan or mortgage, issue of credit cards are some day to day tasks requiring photocopies of a defined set of documents as per the law. With the advent of several competitors in office equipment industry, they have become quite affordable and compact to suit your homely set up.


Step 1 – Plan your budget and set your priorities concerning floor area, quality of print out, frequency of use, maintenance, user friendliness etc. Once you have the parameters before you, it would be easier to choose a photocopier which caters to all your requirements.

Step 2- Decide on the speed factor. Determine the number of copies a particular model provides. Generally it is seen that the photocopier with the capacity to provide 6 to 12 copies in a minute is ideally suited for any house hold business set up.

Step 3 – Observe the time taken to start a photocopying machine. Choose the model that takes lesser time to warm up.

Step 4 – Determine the amount of space the machine is going to use up in your home office. Accordingly decide to go in for a horizontal or a vertical design or a more compact version to place it on your work station at home.

Step 5- Ascertain the size of print outs you would require – the normal A4 or a still larger 8.5×11 inches paper size.

Step 6 – Look into other factors and features such as automated or manual paper feed, number of paper trays, content enlargement or reduction.

Step 7 – Take into account the maintenance required to keep a Photostat machine in good running condition for longer period and decide on that suits your budget.

Bhrat Brij

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