How To Prune Your Plants

prune It is necessary to learn about how to prune your plants so that you can provide them with a good and solid structure. If you wish to manage pruning by your self then you should be aware of the correct method of pruning trees.

Hold The Right Pruning Shears

The first thing that you need to possess is the right pruning shears for removing dead branches of trees. Make it a point not to touch the functional limbs of the tree. In case of the forked trunks you have to prune them to produce a single solid trunk. Forked trunks may give rise to various problems such bad form and a number of health problems. You should use wound dressing and avoid sealing cuts since it does not come in the way of healing the wound.

Some Helpful Pruning Tips

Here are some pruning tips that can really be very helpful for you. Learn about the perfect time for pruning your trees. The right time is when the trees can be found in their dormant phase. However, the correct time depends on the plant type.

For fruit trees, the best time is from early to late spring. You should give vertical spacing to permanent branches as that would aid in maintaining a distance that is equal to nearly three percent of the ultimate height of the tree.

Why Should You Prune Young Plants

The aim of pruning immature as well as young trees is to construct a strong trunk with solid and properly spaced out branches. You need to prune big trees in order to clear the head. Trees that are planted to act as windbreakers or for screening any view should be pruned in a particular manner. You have to make sure that the branches grow close to the surface of the ground.


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