How to Protect Your Locks

puh Hair problems can really be disturbing but you have to remember that many of the problems are because of over handling and styling your hair. Many women are very particular about their hair styles and as a result they keep trying new hair styles.

You have to make sure that you know how to protect your locks from the damaging effects of styling. Don’t let styling blunders ruin the texture of your hair. Don’t use heat excessively or tie your hair very tightly. However, the most important thing is that you should not get fanatic about over handling your hair.

Save the Cuticle

The outermost layer of your hair shaft is the cuticle, which is responsible for protecting the delicate inner filaments of your hair. When you shampoo vigorously or constantly comb your hair you can actually damage your cuticle. Forget about giving your hair a hundred strokes in order to make it shine. In this modern age, this old theory will not work. Minimize the use of your hair brush if you want to stop hair breakage.  Be very gentle with your hair.

Shampoo with Care

While shampooing you should not use your nails to scrub your scalp. You should use only your finger tips to gently massage the scalp. The lather will be able to wash away the grime, dirt, and oil. So don’t attempt to scrub the scalp. Just after using the conditioner you should use a wide-tooth comb to detangle your hair.

After that you can rinse your hair. You can also use a leave-in cream or lotion and strengthening hair spray from a reputed brand to reduce the hair damage. You should brush your hair only when it is dry.

Be Cautious about Hair Treatments

Trying out too many hair treatments like waving and using hair dyes is bad for your hair. You should wait for about 4 months before re-waving your hair. You should not wear very tight rubber bands as they can tear your hair or lead to baldness. Therefore, you should opt for high-quality hair-protecting bands.


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